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A one-sided conversation

Well Dig. It is one of those days where I am missing you something fierce.

We have a potential snow storm coming and I know you would have been all excited to “help” me shovel. The first snow we had, I was shoveling the driveway and didn’t get half-way done and had to stop. I stood there, thinking of how different it was to be out there in the snow without you. You always made our walks and chores a bit of an adventure and a lot more fun.

I haven’t been on many walks lately. It just isn’t the same. I miss those walks buddy. You helped me to see all of the things I struggle to see now. Yea, yea, I know, I can hear ya. Get out there anyway and open my eyes.

People would probably think I’m a bit off my rocker to hear me talking to you. I laugh, because I can hear you say “Mum…I am the Mighty Black Dog and you are the Queen of this Realm. Who cares what people think!” You know what bud? You’d be right. Who cares huh?

My goodness Dig. Things are so different now. I have become the dog-sitter of the family. Otis, Maggie and Buddy come over sometimes when their parents are going somewhere. Otis is still Otis. Crazy dog, but a sweetie. He’s still working on his “Mightiness”. He’ll get there.

Maggie, you remember Maggie don’t you? Aunt Tara’s dog? You both got along so well. You were so sweet with each other. I am sure you remember Buddy, well, he’s still the little Schitzu and Grandma’s special little guy.

You know what’s interesting Dig? I still hear you at times; your nails clicking on the living room floor. I’ve even heard you “schnoof”. When I hear that, I find myself automatically saying “bless you Dig”. I then realize you aren’t there. But you know what Dig? I think at times you are there. I can feel it.

You always had that perfect sense of when I needed you near. Well bud, there have been quite a few of those times the past few months and out of the blue, I feel you there or I hear you. I’m not completely sure what to think about that, but I know what I feel and hear. So Dig, if that is you, thank you buddy.

You know what I miss most? Sitting on the floor with you for snuggle time. The same time each night, you’d come up to me and tell me it was “snuggle time” and you always put your paw in my hand. Those sweet stinky paws, roughened by the many miles we walked over the years. My goodness.

Ok, enough. I’ve done my crazy ramble long enough sweet guy. I miss you terribly, but I know you are in the best place you can be. Where all of the best and Mighty dogs go. No more tiredness or pain, but healthy and happy and more than likely being Mighty running through puddles or fields. Maybe jumping in the snow or just lying in the sun soaking up the warmth. That’s how I picture you now Digger and I know you are in the best care possible.

I’ll probably talk to you again sweet guy, because that’s how I am, but for now I’ll just say I miss ya buddy. Love ya.

Digger, always giving his love.

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