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Animal Cruelty Officer for Crawford County

Reprint from FYI Crawford County by Stevie Lane Hargenrater

I feel as though there may be some confusion about who to contact when dealing with animals. Let me clarify- if you come across an animal that is abused or neglected (any domesticated animal, including farm animals) or you feel as though it's needs are not being met and would like to request an animal welfare check be conducted, then you contact the Animal Cruelty Officer (me). I only have jurisdiction in Crawford County, if you see something questionable please take the time to ensure that it is in fact in this County BEFORE you contact me. If you see injured wildlife, please contact a Wildlife refuge. If you see a stray dog, please contact the Crawford County Dog Warden, Sam Fuller at 814-327-2710. If he feels that there is a cruelty case, he will contact me (we share information regularly). He is paid to pick up stray dogs. Please allow him to do his job. I am a Volunteer who is up to my ears in animal welfare checks so please understand that the exigency of a situation will dictate where it falls on my list of prioritized inspections. If you are dealing with stray cats- please contact local rescues. I have no problem transporting them to a rescue, but I need the public to be proactive in finding a rescue willing to take it BEFORE I am contacted to arrange transport. When looking at a questionable animal situation, always look at the condition of the animal first- is it clean and able to get out of mud and/or it's own feces? Look at it's body condition- are it's ribs and hip bones protruding (keep in mind, some breeds of dog are naturally slender, such as greyhounds). Does it have access to clean water? When you contact me, please have an EXACT address for me to go to when conducting a welfare inspection. I am doing the best that I can with limited resources. I want everyone to understand that I am not on anyone's payroll. I operate solely off of donations to fuel up the transport car, get flea meds, dewormer, and I pay out of pocket for daycare and the cruelty phone. Rescues are also hurting for space right now. I have a hard time finding willing fosters to take the abused/neglected animals that are surrendered, so please don't contact me because you don't feel like taking care of your pet anymore and you want me to "find it a home"- there are rescues and shelters you can contact for that. My work cell is 814-807-4082- texting works best because if I'm not driving then I'm probably in the middle of a welfare inspection and unable to answer immediately but will respond as quickly as possible) if it is an absolute emergency and you don't hear back from me in a timely manner, contact your local law enforcement. I hope this clears things up a bit for everyone- if you've taken the time to read this far, thank you for your time and your patience!!


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