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Boo feeling "left" out

Boo telling me how tough his life is

A recent visit with some friends where I had but only a moment to say hello to Boo Bear before leaving with his parents to attend an event. Upon our return, Boo Bear was very vocal and determined to speak his mind and give his opinion about being left on his own for "SO LONG". Bear: *running in circles and jumping all over Kim* AUNT KIM!! You and Mum and Dad were gone FOREVER! Kim: *Kim walks into the living room and sits on the couch with Boo Bear right at her feet carrying his Bear.* Now Boo Bear, come here. Sit for a minute. Tell me all about your tough life. Bear: AUNT KIM! I want to play! Here! Here's my bear. I think we should play or maybe run or wait!! *off he runs and returns with another toy* Here's my dog! We can play with him! Kim: Bear...settle a bit. I see your toys. They are quite lovely actually. Now. Let's sit, for just a minute. Bear: Sit! For a Minute! What's a minute? *yelling into the other room* Mum! What's a minute? Kim: *laughing* Bear: You and Mum and Dad were gone forever! I wanted to play and you LEFT me! Kim: Such drama Bear! *laughing* I do apologize for that little guy. Buy you lived through it didn't you? Bear: Barely! I barely did Aunt Kim! Kim: *laughing* You, little man, are something else. Bear: I forgive all of you Aunt Kim. LET'S PLAY! Or run! Wait! Here is my Dog or my Bear... Kim: *Sits back on the couch, laughing at Bear and his antics* Bear: Are all of you tired? What's wrong with you all?! Kim: We're trying to warm up and relax a bit Bear. Bear: oh!! OK...I can sit here. Real pretty like. I can. I will. I can sit here. Look Aunt Kim! I'm sitting very nicely! Kim: That you are Bear. Good Boy. And they all sit. For just a minute. But really, that is all Aunt Kim technically asked for, just a minute. Bear: Let's play! Come on! Here's another toy! I've got lot's to play with! Come ON.................. #Sheltie #lovedogs

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