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Chatting with an Egret

Chatting with Elliot the Egret

Kim is sitting by a bay on a sunny October afternoon. A warm breeze making the water gently lap at the rocks that surround a nearby dock. Egret: Hello! You there! Kim: *a bit startled* Oh! Sheesh. Why, Hello! Egret: Whatever are you doing? This is my area. Kim: Sorry about that. I'm visiting and just enjoying the peacefulness. Egret: hrrmmphhh...this is my lunch spot. Kim: I do apologize. What might your name be? Egret: Elliot. My name is Elliot. Kim: *smiling* Of course it is. Nice to meet you Elliot the Egret. Elliot: You've been sitting there a good while. How long do you plan on staying? Kim: I'm not sure. It's quite pleasant. I may be a while yet. Elliot: hrrmmphhh. Do you fly? Kim: *chuckling* No Elliot. I don't fly. Elliot: So you just sit. Doing nothing? Kim: For now. Yes. That's my plan. Elliot: Humans. You're usually moving constantly. Running to and fro. Kim: Well Elliot. My sole purpose of being here is to do nothing. Elliot: Nothing? Kim: Nothing. Elliot: Well, I'll leave you to it then. I've got lunch to find. No time for doing nothing. Kim: *smiling* Good luck to you. Elliot: *ruffling his feathers* You sure you can't fly? Kim: I'm sure. Elliit: Well then, you can admire me as I fly away. And Elliot gracefully flies off to find his lunch, away from the lazy human. While Kim settles back in her chair, closes her eyes, breathes in the fresh air and does absolutely nothing for the next two hours. Thankful for the peace and beauty that surround her. Elliot lands and sits on a dock not far from the human and shakes his head, wondering how boring it must be to not have wings and to just sit and do nothing.

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