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Dreaming Dexter 

Lady Mum and Dexter are relaxing on the sheet covered couch. Why a sheet covered couch you ask? Well, since Dexter tangled with a skunk a couple of days ago, Lady Mum decided to let an old sheet get skunky instead of the couch.

But we digress...

Dexter: Grrrrr.....rrrroannnniinnnn. grrrrr.

Lady Mum turns to see Dexter all sprawled out and apparently dreaming.

Dexter: There you are! I'll get ya!! Grrrrrrr.

Dexter's back feet being to twitch and then flap back and forth.

Dexter: rrrrroooaaannnn...grrrrr. Almost! Almost gotcha!!

Lady Mum whispers, "Dex, buddy, whatcha dreaming about?"

Dexter: ggrrrrrr.....rrroooaaannnniinnnn.

Lady Mum: Well, he must be on the chase. Keep those chases in your dreams stinky butt. Especially if it's a skunk.

Dexter: gggrrrnnnn....rrrnnnniinn...grrrr.

Lady Mum sits and watches as Dexter's back legs keep flapping and front legs are twitching as he keeps up a running commentary of what's happening in his dream world.

Lady Mum smiles and quietly says, "Have fun on your dream adventure sweet guy."

A gentle evening in the Realm.

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