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I need to watch Lady Mum!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Lady Mum comes home from work each day to find Dexter's inherited recliner facing the window. Each night she turns it back to face the living Room. The next day, she comes home and it is once again facing the window.

"Dex, how do you get that chair turned each day?"

Dexter looks at Lady Mum, glances toward the chair, turns and walks into the kitchen without saying a word.

Lady Mum follows him and finds him sitting against the wall with his head hanging.

"Aww, Dexter. You're not in trouble silly. I'm just very curious as to how you do that each day."

Lifting his head slightly, Dexter whispers, "I wanna watch."

Lady Mum finally gets it. "Oh Dexter. You want to keep watch over the yard while I'm gone?"

Still whispering, Dexter says "yeah."

Getting down on the floor to hug Dexter, Lady Mum softly says, "We can share the Watch Dexter."

Dexter puts his head on Lady Mum's shoulder and licks her face.

"I'm a good boy Lady Mum. I can help with the Watch."

Lady Mum takes a minute to answer as her heart fills up with memories and sadness. "You are a good boy Dexter. We'll share the Watch for now. You're doing a good job."

"Lady Mum. You feel sad. Don't be sad. I'll get my ball and we can play."

Lady Mum gives Dexter another hug and says, "Get your ball Dex. No more sadness. I'm fine. Just remembering Digger."

Dexter leans back to look in Lady Mum's face. "Oh. He was the Mighty Black Dog right? I bet he was a good watcher."

"He was sweetie, but you are going to make a fine Watcher yourself. Now, let's play with your ball."

Dexter runs to get his ball and drops it at Lady Mum's feet. Front legs stretched out and his butt in the air he yells, "I'm ready!!"

A rowdy game of toss the ball ensues with Dexter racing around the house as Lady Mum laughs and is thankful for the craziness of a young dog in her life. The blessing that he is and will continue to be and thanks God for the 14 years of blessings she had with her Digger.

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