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Lady Mum is typing away on her laptop, getting a story down when she realizes that Dexter is schnoofing and scratching the floor behind her.

Lady Mum: Dex, what are you doing over There?

Dexter turns with a surprised look, "Nuttin Lady Mum" and he sits, staring at Lady Mum.

As she goes back to her writing, she hears Dexter schnoofing and scratching again. Without turning she says, "Dex, you're up to something monkey butt, what are you doing?"

Dexter replies, "Nuttin Lady Mum."

Lady Mum waits till she hears him begin again with his scratching and turns her head slowly to catch what this silly guy is up to.

She watches for a minute and realizes that Dexter is working hard to shove a treat behind the corner hutch.

The space isn't big enough for it to fit, but Dexter continues to work at it.

Lady Mum says, "Dexter, are trying to stash a treat?"

Dexter drops the treat, sits, looks at Lady Mum and sighs, "It won't go."

"Why are you trying to stash it bud?"

"It's fer later."

Lady Mum laughs and asks, "What else have you stashed? And where?"

Dexter looks around, anywhere but at Lady Mum, "I dunno."

"Dexter, I have found, in just the last week, a treat in the flower pot and two treats in the couch. You don't need to stash them sweetie."

Dexter sighs, picks up his treat and goes in the other room. Lady Mum sits and listens. After a minute she hears Dexter crunching on his treat.

Lady Mum wonders how many treats may be stashed around the house, chuckles and turns back to her writing.

Another day in the Realm.

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