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Maggie thinks she's funny

Late evening, Maggie wakes up from a "nap". Maggie: wanna hear a joke Aunt Kim? Aunt Kim: Sure Mags. Tell me a joke. Maggie: I'd like a treat! *starts snort-laughing* Aunt Kim: *shaking her head* That's an....interesting joke Mags. Maggie: Wanna hear another one? Aunt Kim: *smiling* Oh, absolutely. Tell me. Maggie: Let's go outside! Aunt Kim: Mags, your sense of humor is interesting. Maggie: I'm silly! I'm often told I'm a Silly Girl. Aunt Kim: That you are ya big lunkaroo. Maggie: One more! One more joke! Aunt Kim: Ok. One more Mags. Maggie: *Gives Aunt Kim a big sloppy kiss across her face* Aunt Kim: Oh wow Mags! *wiping her face on her sleeve* That was something else! Oye... Maggie: *throws her head back and starts snort-laughing* Aunt Kim: *petting Maggie and laughing* Silly Girl.

Maggie thinks she's funny

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