So, I've been thinking...

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Dexter has been running around the house like a small horse out of control. Every toy has been tossed in the air and the furniture is all crooked from his mighty leaps on and off of it all.

Lady Mum has gotten everything back to how it should be when Dexter hops up on the couch, sits very close to Lady Mum and says, "So, I've been thinking..."

Lady Mum laughs, "And just what have you been thinking about Dexter?"

"Well, you know how we go outside?"

Lady Mum just stares.

"We could do that again if ya want."

"Oh! If I want to huh?"

Dexter does a little bounce and sits again, "Yea! If ya want to, I can go outside with you ."

"Dexter, it is really cold and snowy out there. We were out an hour ago."

Dexter looks around the room then back at Lady Mum, "Well, I was thinking outside is a good place ."

"Hmmm, how about we wait a bit?"

Dexter scoots closer to Lady Mum, puts his nose on her chin and says softly "I'm a good boy."

Lady Mum wipes off her chin, sits back and replies "My goodness, you're personality is starting to shine isn't it Dex?"

"I don't know what personality means but it feels like it means Outside!"

And with a leap off of the couch and a mad dash to the back door, he sits.

Lady Mum stays on the couch, waiting.

Dexter comes racing back into the living room and slides to a stop in front of Lady Mum. "Ready?"