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What IS this place?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Lady Mum and Dexter take their first adventure to the Conneaut Lake Bark Park.

"Lady Mum! What IS this place?"

Lady Mum explains, "This is the Bark Park Dex. We take long walks here."

Walking around the 65 acre park, Dexter doesn't know where to go first.

"Oh my gosh! Let's go over there! Wait! Over here! Wait! What's over there?"

Laughing, Lady Mum says, "Let's go this way Dex. We're gonna walk and learn today. Training time."

"Learn. Training. Ok. I remember. I have to listen right?"

"Yep. That's the idea sweetie."

Pulling on his line and almost yanking Lady Mum off her feet. "Oh gosh! Let's see what's over there!"


Immediately stopping and sitting. "What?"

"Dexter. No yanking and no trying to run off. Listen."

"Oh yea. Listen. Train. Ok."

Walking along at a nice pace for a short distance, Dexter suddenly zips off another direction. Again, almost yanking Lady Mum off her feet.


Dexter stops. Comes up to Lady Mum and sits. "Is this right?"

"Almost. Good job. Now let's try again. Walk nicely. Listen."

Once again, walking along nicely and Dexter zips off another direction. Lady Mum is ready and sternly says "DEXTER! Fuss!"

Dexter stops, comes up to Lady Mum and stands by her side.

"Good job Dex! Good boy!"

"Do I get a treat?"

"Yes. For that you do. Good job Dex! Ok, I think we're done training for now. Let's explore."

Dexter eats his treat and walks along nice and calmly at Lady Mum's side, not once yanking or trying to run off.

Lady Mum, exhausted after an hour, just laughs and says "Now you're all mellow and listening perfect. Ya silly wet, muddy dog."

Dexter looks back and says "I trained. I listened."

"You did sweetie. You certainly did."

First training adventure at the Bark Park is now in the books. Whoo boy...that was tiring.

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