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Who's What?

Uncle Otis and Dexter have just finished running, growling, jumping and chasing each other through the yard. They both decide it's time to rest up before the next round.

Dexter whispers to Otis, "Ya know Lady Mum will give us treats?"

Otis looks around and whispers his reply, "Who's Lady Mum? My Mum is over there by Gram."

Dexter cocks his head to the side, "What's a Gram?"

Tilting his head towards Gram, "Her. Over there. Ya know, the one who's gonna give us treats ."

"But that's Lady Mum!"

Otis sighs, "That is my Gram. My Mum is standing beside her. You're weird."

Dexter lifts his head, "I'm not weird! I'm fast!"

Otis turns his head away, "You're a pain in the..."

Dexter picks up a pine cone and starts chewing on it, "I'm a good jumper too! What's weird mean?"

Otis looks over to his Mum, "When do you think we'll get a treat?"

Dexter tries to whisper around the pine cone in his mouth, "What's weird mean?"

Meanwhile, Lady Mum/Gram and Sissy/Mum are talking about these two boy dogs and how goofy they are as they watch Dexter with a pine cone in his mouth looking like he has a cigar and Otis just staring at him with a look of disdain.

Lady Mum turns to Sissy, "Looks like they're whispering."

Sissy replies, "Or plotting something."

Otis stands up and says to Dexter, "OK. Now we be real good and see if we get a treat."

Dexter jumps up, starts running circles around Otis, jumping and getting in Otis' face. Otis responds by growling, showing his teeth and barreling into Dexter with his shoulder as Lady Mum and Sissy both begin to yell for them both to settle down or there will be no treats.

Dexter and Otis hear the word treat and both stop and turn to run to the back door where they wait patiently, being incredibly well behaved.

Lady Mum and Sissy laugh and declare the play date a success and head into the house to dole out treats to these two silly galoots.

Sissy says, "Look at these two."

Lady Mum smiles as she hands out treats, "Yep. Look at them."

Another day in the Realm.

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