What if I told you were you not alone?


Not alone in your grief.

Not alone in your depression.

Not alone in your struggle with faith.

Not alone in your fears and anxiety.

God is with you always. He is there to listen and to calm your fears. He is there through your heartache and your joy. As women of faith, we know this, yet at times, we struggle.

When Grace Found Me is a book filled with real-life stories shared by women of faith from around the world.

Their stories will show you that on this earthly realm you are not alone. Women from different countries and cultures struggle with the same things that you do. 

Open your heart and let His grace cover you.

When Grace Found Me

Real-life stories of Women of Faith, Volume One

Publisher-Listening To His Voice Publishing

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Accepting authors

for Volume Three!

When Grace Found Me, Real-life stories of Women of Faith, Volume Three

Now open for submissions

Release date June/July of 2021

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God Bless

Kim and Ruth

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