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The Queen of the Realm

Kim L - Tan Sitting.jpg

A bit different, she listens to shadows and talks with animals. 
She also happens to co-host a weekly local radio show, Voices For Vets on ROCKY Radio, 94.3 and 107, focused on veterans. 

She is the host of the podcast Let Fear Bounce.

She is the Host of the TV Show, The Write Stuff, the author's voice.

When she’s not writing, coordinating anthologies, co-authoring in anthologies, hosting a podcast of TV show, you can probably find her, with a coffee cup in hand, taking walks with her Office Manager Dexter, through the woods and fields that surround her home, crocheting, reading, listening to music, singing or assisting veterans within her community.
With her wonky sense of humor and the proclivity to talk with critters, you have a small glimpse of her, but just a small one.

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