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Join me as I host special guests for a casual chat to talk about motivation, inspiration, and the occasional dog story. We'll share stories of kindness, compassion, and the decision to let fear bounce. Providing hope and light to those who may need it. We may or may not discuss coffee as well.


So sit back and listen to the dynamic people I have the pleasure to speak with from around the world.

My Guest appearances

Awaken With Animals Podcast

The Animal Files Podcast  -

BOOKFEST Author Chats

US Global TV & Radio - Books, Blogs and Poetry Show

Positive Talk Radio – Kevin McDonals, Host

Paw Prints  on the Couch

Escape with a Writer Review:


Escape With a Writer Book Review:

Anthony Avina Book Review:

Paw Prints on the Couch:


MY GUEST APPEARANCES with Phil Hatterman:


The Mr. Mike Show


Alex Lewczuk Interview

Connection Magazine (Oct. 2023) - Feature

Writers on Writers Show -


The Write or Die Show – Podcast


Be The Wolf Podcast


Opinionistics Podcast


Speaker at the Women Who Prosper Summit held 3/22 and 3/23 of 2023


Publishing Secrets with Coach Tam


Abundantly Social’s 12 Days of Page Turners – Christmas special 2022


Writing In The Modern Age Blog


The Douglas Coleman Show


The Kim Jacobs Show - with Mark Lefebrve (CA)


Get Your Write On with Host Chantea Williams (US)


Wise Divine Women – with Host Dana Levine with Host Laura Brandeo  (US)


Happy Inspired Motivated Podcast - with Host Tara Chatzakis  (UK)


The Cannoli Coach – with Host Kimberly Hambrick (US)


The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. Podcast – with Host Erin Harrigan


Give Yourself Room Podcast – with Host Kate Garnes (US)


All The T.H.I.N.G.S. Podcast – with Host Kristen Schindler (US)


The Battle Warrior Podcast – with Host Chad Smith (US)


Against All Average Podcast – with Host Kyle Tolzman


Happy Head Podcast – with Host Paul Wilson (UK)


Tiaras, Tears and Triumphs Podcast – with Host Sandy Johnston (AU)


Hail To The Victor In You – with Host Tracy Lowry


She Blurbs


Anxiety About Anxiety  with Host Keith Snider


The World According To Christy – with Host Christy Deatrakis (US)


Be The Phoenix Podcast – with Julie Paulston (US)


The Thought Vault – with Emily Vermillion (US)


The Global Serial Entrepreneurs Summit – With Host/Coordinator, Isabel Banjaree of The Encore Catalyst

Writing – Guest Writer

Powerhouse Speakers Dominating 2023


Dogoppo Magazine


Uncaged Magazine


MO2VATE Magazine (US) – multi-published articles


Christian Writers Bookstore - What Does Veteran's Day Mean to Me


The Meadville Tribune

Book Release – When Grace Found Me

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