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3AM Chat with Dexter

Startled awake. Looking around to determine what woke her, Lady Mum sits on the side of her bed. Dexter lifts his head and says " Wasn't me Lady Mum. You woke your own self up." "You didnt hear anything Dex?" "Nope. Just you. Now your awake." "Great. 3am. Let the random thoughts and coffee drinking commence." Lady Mum and Dexter head downstairs. Dexter waits patiently while Lady Mum fixes her coffee and outside they go. Dexter with his green glow collar on races around the perimeter of the yard, apparently his way of doing part of The Watch. He comes back and sits beside Lady Mum. "Nothing going on out here Lady Mum. No critters, but I smell 'em!" "Thanks for the update Dex. Ready to go in?" "Naw. I wanna sit. I like outside." Lady Mum sits on the porch step as Dex comes to sit beside her. "My goodness Dex. Look at all those stars this morning. Sure makes us seem small. All of our worries, hurts, thoughts, expectations, plans, dreams, they all seem so darn small when looking up there." "I'm a big boy Lady Mum! You tell me that lots! Wait, what's a worry? What's a hurt?" Lady Mum continues to look up at the stars with Dexter now leaning against her side. "Oh. Silly stuff us humans put ourselves through. Either we do it to ourselves, or we hurt and worry as we watch as others do their best to fill their own empty spaces." Dexter licks Lady Mum's hand and says, "How do ya stop that stuff? Doesn't sound very fun." "It's not fun sweet guy. I guess we pray and continue to care, about ourselves and others." Dexter leans his head back and looks to the sky, "Pray. Is that the talking you do? When no one's around?" Lady Mum chuckles. "Yep. Most times. Other times I'm just talking to myself." "Huh, Okay. So, ya still wanna sit here?" "Sure sweetie. Let's just sit." And so they sit in the early morning hour. Lady Mum with coffee in hand praying as Dexter sits beside her listening as she pours out what's in her heart.

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