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Cardboard glasses and eyes to the sky.

Have you ever had an experience that transcends words? A moment of pure awe and wonder? I, along with millions of others across the United States, was able to witness the recent total solar eclipse.

I readied myself a couple of hours prior:

The chair and small table are set up on the deck, check.

Cell phone charged, check.

Coffee ready, check.

Dog walked, check.

Solar Eclipse Glasses are handy, check.

Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" song running through my head, check.

I didn’t want to miss any of this experience.


It was a little after 2 pm. I put my eclipse glasses on and noticed a sliver of the sun was being covered. “Oh! Here we go! It’s starting!”


I had to chuckle at myself as I sat on my deck talking to my dog. I was thinking of the millions of other people who were doing exactly what I was doing at that moment. Cardboard glasses on with faces turned to the sky.


As the eclipse unfolded before my eyes, I couldn't help but feel a sense of anticipation. The air seemed to shimmer with otherworldly energy as if nature were holding its breath.


Just moments before totality, the birds, who were chirping and bustling louder than normal, fell silent as if paying homage to the cosmic spectacle about to unfold. It was an odd feeling as silence descended.


As the seconds passed, the light began to dim, casting an eerie twilight glow upon my yard. The temperature dropped, my deck light popped on, and a chill ran down my spine as if acknowledging the profound moment I was about to witness.


And then it happened. Totality. As if with a flick of a switch, the light was gone, and what was now visible was a perfect white circle in the sky.


It's impossible to adequately describe the surreal beauty of that moment. The sun's corona was a mesmerizing display of light and shadow. Time stood still, and I found myself immersed in it.


In that brief window of totality, I felt an overwhelming sense of humility and insignificance in the face of such cosmic grandeur. I remember jumping up from my chair and yelling, “Oh, Wow! Look at that! Just look at that!” as my dog ran to me and lay at my feet, not understanding why it was suddenly dark and I was yelling.


It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a fleeting glimpse into the vastness and majesty of the universe.


As the light returned and the world around us slowly resumed its normal rhythm, I couldn't help but feel awed by the experience.


It reminded me of the beauty and mystery surrounding us daily and the importance of embracing those moments of wonder and awe in our lives, for they may never come again.


In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to get caught up in the routine and overlook the extraordinary moments that unfold around us. But it's crucial to pause, acknowledge, and immerse yourself in those rare experiences that may only come along once in a lifetime.


These moments—the total solar eclipse, a breathtaking sunset, a serendipitous encounter—are not just fleeting occurrences; they are windows into the profound beauty and wonder of the world.


When we allow ourselves to be fully present in these moments, we open ourselves up to growth and transformation. We learn to see the world with fresh eyes and a sense of wonder that fuels curiosity and creativity.


Don’t shy away from moments of magic and mystery. Instead, embrace them wholeheartedly, knowing that they contain the bits and pieces of what makes life worth living.


The world is an amazing place, and you are a part of it! Imagine that! You are part of something so big and amazing, and you are here for a reason. 


My wish for you today is to embrace the opportunities to experience something new, learn from it, and share what you’ve learned within your slice of the world. Be a nugget of hope today!


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