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Do you remember?

Have you forgotten what it was like 18 years ago on September 11th?

It seems as if many may have indeed forgotten. Did you forget that feeling in your heart how time just stopped when you heard the news? Do you remember hugging your neighbors, your friends, and your family just a little tighter that night? Do you remember shedding tears as you watched as events unfolded on the television? Do you remember proudly displaying your American Flag on your house, on your car, in your windows?

Everywhere you looked the American Flag was waving. Do you remember the amazing songs from so many incredibly talented singers and songwriters that came out and played on the radio over and over? Do you remember your righteous anger? Do you remember crying out loud, with such passion, this can never happen again? I remember. I remember listening to a mother frantically try to contact her pregnant daughter who worked at the pentagon. She was unable to get through, because all of the phones were down. I remember watching as fighter jets flew over top of my house. I remember being on the phone with a dear friend of mine, and both of us saying that we have to do something to support all of those men and women who will no doubt be raising their right hand to serve and defend their country. I remember. Over the past 18 years, I have been to funerals of soldiers who have lost their lives and attended welcome home parties. Myself, a friend, and countless others over the years, have packed and shipped out thousands and thousands of boxes each and every month to active duty deployed military personnel. I have read countless emails and letters saying thank you for the boxes that we send. I've had late night conversations with veterans who were in such despair, they didn't know if they could go on. I have prayed thousands upon thousands of prayers over the past 18 years. I have cried tears of frustration, and laughed until I cried with my brother and sister veterans. I have lost sleep over countless nights wondering what else we can do to support those men and women who are serving our country. I have lost sleep over countless nights praying for those who are in harm's way, for those families who have lost loved ones, for the wives, the sisters, the brothers, the grandparents, and anyone else whose loved ones may have been lost in this war on terror. I remember. I've interviewed and shared dozens of veterans stories over the past 18 years. Hell, I've turned those stories into a book. Why? Because we should never forget.

Damn right I remember. I will continue to pray, pack and ship boxes, speak to veterans, write letters, share stories and support those who are defending and serving our country. Why? Because I remember. Do You?

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