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Early morning with the nocturnal critters 

4:14 am

Dexter decides it's time to wake up and take a walk on an early winter morning.

Dexter: Lady Mum, it's really light out. I thought you said it was "into the darkness we go" time?

Lady Mum: Guess I was wrong Dex. Sure it bright out here huh?

Dex: talking in a loud whisper. Hey! See 'em Lady Mum! See 'em! Can I chase 'em? Lady

Mum looks around and spots two deer across the way standing and staring at us. Lady Mum: No buddy. Let's just let the be.

Dex: awww, come on Lady Mum!

Lady Mum: Nope. We'll let them be.

After a few minutes, the deer are on their way. Dexter sits and watches the field, hoping for more deer to come out when he cocks his head and turns to Lady Mum.

Dex: talking in a whisper. Lady Mum, you hear that? What is It? Where is It?

Lady Mum listens and hears a Northern Screech Owl warbling away. His call echoing across the field in a soft melancholy way.

Lady Mum: That's an owl Dex. I like hearing to them.

Dex: I'd like to chase 'em.

Lady Mum: Not today silly. They stay up in the trees.

Dex: So what.

Lady Mum: That's a different kind Dex.

Dex: Wha? What's differnt?

Lady Mum: The Saw Whet Owl, that's different than the Screech Owl...

Dex: Lady Mum, I don't know what your talkin about. Let's walk over there.

Lady Mum: He's so cool to listen to, although the Saw Whet Owls is cool too, I love hearing all the...

Dex: Saw Whet? I'm not wet! Come on, let's go over there. Dexter starts to walk as Lady Mum follows along, sipping her coffee and talking about owls.

Dexter: Mumbling to himself. She's still talking bout these owl things. I never see any. I don't know what warble means, nobody is whet, I'm not allowed to chase the deer or eat poop. Gosh...

Another start to a day in the Realm. #rescuedog #lovedogs

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