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Fear; Don't feed it

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

There is so much fear in place at this time in our lives. We are living in an historical moment and doing the best we can with so much unknown.

So many fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of becoming ill. Fear for your loved ones and friends. Fear for your job or lack of a job. Fear of how to pay your bills.

The list seems to be ever-growing. This word, fear. A short four-letter word with amazing emotional power.

I’ve had this recurring moving image in my mind lately of what fear may look like if we're able to take a step back and see it.

Let's take a look.

Each day, you are waking up with the weight of the unknown hovering around your shoulders. You pull yourself out of bed and start your morning routine asking yourself if you really need to take a shower today or just stay in your pajamas. Maybe change into a sweatshirt and sweatpants, because really, who cares? Who is going to see me? I can’t go anywhere or do anything. If I watch TV it is nothing but sad and depressing news.

Who really cares what I eat or when I go to bed at night? My goodness, who really cares if I am stuck here alone with my rambling thoughts? Who would really care if I ended up sick? Who really cares if I am not able to pay my bills?

I mean really, everyone has their own struggles, mine aren’t any more important than anyone else’s. I’m nobody and becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day.

I picture those thoughts, floating around the room as they become a beacon for the D-Man. The D-Man is Satan by the way.

Back to your sluggish morning routine.

As your slow and dark thoughts are hovering around the room, the D-Man and his minions take notice and grin. “Oh, yea! We’ve got her now! Look at the negativity hanging around her! This is perfect!" With glee they ready themselves to move in.

Now I picture them with quivers filled with arrows and each arrow is poisoned with a boost of darkness to keep your thoughts and feelings stuck right where they are. How they love to flit around and shoot those arrows right where they know it will hurt.

They may hit their mark as you feel another negative or dark thought enter your mind. Direct hit! The D-Man’s minions give a happy shout and keep on reloading their bows and taking aim.

Throughout the day those arrows come at you and hit their mark, but you don’t realize that is what is happening. You just keep telling yourself that you are having a bad day and keep slugging on.

Now, on the flip side of this story, the moving picture in my mind is that although the D-Man has his minions working hard as they let fly their arrows of darkness, there is another force at work. One that we often forget about when we are stuck in our own muck. The one that provides light in the darkness.

God is at work as well. He sees your struggle and knows that your heart and mind are under attack. He sees those arrows hitting their mark as your thoughts continue to struggle for light.