Hunkering In

A recent writing prompt was to picture yourself getting ready to hibernate for several months. How would you set your space up and how would you feel. This was an interesting thought process as I let myself sink into this particular prompt. Hibernate for months? Could you do it? Below is how I believe it would work out for me.

Let’s take a look at this room and make a plan and I may as well talk out loud as I do it.

Okay, new area rug for sure, wash the curtains. Maybe move the couch over to that wall and get a couple more Afghans and fun pillows.

The lamps, we’ll need some nice light in here for reading and crocheting. Books! Need to get more books on the book shelf. This will be great!

Snacks and coffee. I really need to stock up on those.

Alright, this is coming right along. Comfy clothes and my favorite sweatshirts. Absolutely necessary.

I should probably think about other necessities as well. Where’s my list?

Okay, here we go. The time has come to hunker on in. Winter has come with its blowing wind and cold temperatures and we will be snug as a bug in a rug. Whoever came up with that saying anyway?

Ah, settled in. Perfect!

The days turn into weeks, the air begins to feel a bit stale and the absence of human conversation and contact is starting to worm its way into my psyche.

No problem, I’ll do some exercises and then grab a good book. We don’t care for people most times anyway. We’re good.