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Tale from the Realm; Let Him Hold You

A quiet Sunday with warm temperatures and windows open to invite fresh air into the house, finds Lady Mum tucked up on the couch reading a book with Dexter curled up by her side.

A loud noise comes from the porch. Dexter lifts his head, huffs, and says, "Lady Mum, I think a bird flew into the window."

Setting her book aside, Lady Mum heads outside to investigate, leaving a disgruntled Dexter in the house.

Once outside, Lady Mum sees a female cardinal on her back near the bird feeders, flapping her wings and moving in circles.

"Oh, you poor thing, let me help you." Lady Mum reaches down to pick the little lady up. Unfortunately, Little Miss wants nothing to do with help but falls on her face each time she tries to fly.

With gentle hands and voice, Lady Mum gathers Little Miss and tucks her into her chest. She can feel the rapid heartbeat of this frightened little one and watches as her eyes close, her fight stops, and her heartbeat slows.

With sadness, Lady Mum whispers, "Ah, little one. That was a hard hit. I've got you. I'm with you. It's ok."

It's hard for Lady Mum to watch a critter suffer. Offering whispers and prayers, she

holds this wee one close and gently rocks.

A few minutes pass, and Lady Mum notices that Little Miss is slowly opening her eyes. "There you are; come on, little one, you can do it."

As Little Miss' eyes fully open, she begins to kick her legs against Lady Mum's chest. Slowly, Lady Mum opens her hands, and with a loud squawk, Little Miss flies across the yard, landing under a tree.

She sits unmoving as Lady Mum slowly makes her way towards her to be sure she is ok. Just as Lady Mum reaches her, Little Miss squawks again and flies off with renewed energy, high into another tree where a male Cardinal sits.

With a relieved laugh, Lady Mum calls out, "Yay! You made it!"

Although this entire scenario only lasted a few minutes, it brought many thoughts to Lady Mums' mind. How when we fall, there is always one who will gather us up and, with love, say, "I'm with you."

Isaiah 41:10 (ESV) Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Don't we all at times fight against the help that is offered? Don't we all believe that we can do it on our own?

At times, we need reminding that it is ok to settle down and rest and accept help and encouragement from others. It is ok to be still and let Him hold us for a few minutes while we catch our breath and ready ourselves to spread our wings and fly.

Thank you for the reminder, Father God. Message received.

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