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Day 4 of the Moving Wall

Day 4 of the wall has brought yet again more emotions and memories to the surface. A beautiful September day. The Sun casting its warm rays upon the Diamond and The Wall. A young girl walks up to the statue of a soldier and mimics the salute. I wonder, if in 15 years she herself may be wearing a uniform representing this country. 2 young boys proudly handing out programs to the visitors, with one young boy having memorized all of the details and is able to share all of those details with the visitors. Doing so with such calm presence and pride. Throughout the day, people continue to stream into the diamond to visit The Wall. Meeting new people, hearing their stories, and sharing fellowship. A ceremony was held for local families of those who have loved ones listed on The Wall. As each individual's name was announced, the family came forth to accept a rose as they were escorted to the panel that their loved one's name was on. Such honor and respect shown to those families as those in attendance watched with tear filled eyes. Prior to the family's ceremony, I sat on a park bench with my brother Jerry, a Vietnam Veteran. As the sun shined down upon us, we reminisced about the past 20 years and the first time we brought The Wall to Meadville. Jerry turns to me and softly says "I remember when you joined our post all those years ago kid. My little sister. I love ya girl." I look into his eyes, eyes that have seen so much, a body grown older, Agent Orange now taking it's toll and whisper the only reply I can give. "Love you too brother Jerry". We sit. Gazing upon The Wall as people quietly walk along the length of those dark panels. Jerry with his own personal thoughts and memories and myself, storing this moment in time within my heart. So very blessed for this man sitting beside me and to call him my brother. The Walls visit to Meadville will soon come to an end. Taking with it 58,318 souls memories, on to the next town awaiting it's arrival. Ready to be erected and viewed by countless others. Leaving behind a town whose heart has been touched and countless veterans and their families who have been blessed. May God bless America and those who stand for her.

Showing respect.

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