Silly Sedrick

Sedrick and Doloria; an unlikely pair.

"What? What? Doloria?! She's here again!"

"For goodness sake Sedrick, it's just The Keeper. She's the one who feeds us!"

Kim, the Keeper, sits quietly on a tree stump, watching Sedrick run up and down the tree, all in a twitter, chattering and twitching his tail.

"Doloria, how are you sweet lady?"

"I'm doing fine Keeper. Trying to keep Sedrick in line."

"He is a bit skittish today."

"Did you put something new in the food?"

Kim laughs and replies "Oh, gosh! I did put a little of the fruit mix in with the sunflower seed this time!"

"Well, his antics, they are enough to make one anxious. Just look at him!"

Sedrick, by now completely ignoring Kim and Doloria, races up and down the tree, leaps to the feeder, flings food in the air, jumps, runs across the yard, turns and races back. Taking a wild leap, he lands on the the feeder, making it swing back and forth.

Shaking her head, Doloria groans, "Oh my. He is out of control today and my anxiety is rising."

Chuckling Kim says "He is quite comical to watch. I understand a bit about anxiety Doloria, so I am sorry to hear you are feeling that way."

"Oh, it comes and goes. I've noticed the times when you yourself are filled with tension,