Two white geese with attitude.

While driving to work one day, I came around a bend and spot a pair of white geese standing in the middle of the road.

Slowing down and stopping, I wait for them cross. They seem in no hurry, with no apparent destination in mind and just waddle back and forth in front of my car.

"You two really need to get out of the road. It’s not very safe."

The male goose turns to the female and says, "Stella, do you hear that human?"

Stella ruffles her feathers and replies, "Yes I do Ernie, what is she squawking about?"

Letting loose with a loud honk, Ernie says "Telling us to get out of the road."

Laughing I say, "Pardon me, but I do need to pass by."

"What’s her rush Stella?"

"Who knows Ernie, these humans are always going somewhere in a hurry."

While looking at the time, I say, "You both are quite lovely, and I certainly enjoy watching you, but I really need to pass."

"What do you think we should tell her Stella?"

"I don’t know Ernie. Let’s just honk loudly and stay put."

Nodding his head several times, Ernie says, "Fine plan Stella."