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The stories a lighthouse could tell

Standing strong

This ole girl. Standing strong and proud since 1822 with her beacon of light still shining each night. People stream by her, snapping photographs of her, taking selfies and moving on. Myself? I stand in awe of her. A lone sentinel for so many years. Taking each season as it comes. The winds and rain. The snow and bitter cold. The heat of summer. All having hammered at her or gently whispered by her. And yet she stands. One day to watch a storm bring gusting winds and crashing waves to her feet. The next day a gentle wind as the sun shines upon her and cormorants feed in the waters before her. The sight she must have provided to countless sailors over the decades. I'm in awe of her strength and fortitude. I stand by her side, on the same rocks she has stood for well over a century and can't help but think of the silent testimony she provides of endurance and strength. All at once, I realize she provides the perfect visual of faith in God. I turn toward the water, the sun shining down upon me and the wind whipping my hair all around and breath. Thankful for the unexpected silent sermon that was gifted to me. #lighthouse #johnsonsisland

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