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The Wisdom of a Fox

Riding along in a golf cart around Johnson Island on a sunny afternoon a few weeks ago. Kim notices a fox lying beside a tree in a spot of sunshine. She hops out of the golf cart and walks toward the fox. Kim: My goodness, hello there. Are you feeling ok? Fox: *turning his head to face Kim, replying in a soft Scottish accent* Oh, tis fine I am. Just taking a snooze here in the sunshine. Kim: You don’t seem surprised or fearful of my being near. Fox: I can feel you’ll cause no harm. Kim: *shaking her head* I wanted to be sure you are not ill or anything. Quite honestly, I’ve never been this close to one such as yourself before. Fox: Most wouldn’t try. Kim: *chuckling* You are correct. Most wouldn’t. Fox: The others, in the moving box over there. What are they saying? Kim: *looking back at the others in the golf cart* They are asking me what I think I am doing getting so close to a fox. You can’t understand them? Fox: No. But I can understand you. Kim: *shrugging her shoulders and putting her arms out* I’m not quite used to all of this. Fox: Talking to me? Kim: Talking to any of you. I spoke with an Egret earlier. Interesting bird. Fox: They are a bit chatty, and quite full of themselves. Kim: *laughing* Oh, he was nice enough. I was in his lunch spot apparently. Fox: Well, you’re in my area now. Kim: That I am. I’ll not be a bother. I only wanted to be sure you were alright. Fox: All is well. You’re not from here are you? Kim: No. I’m just visiting for a couple of days. Fox: Do you regularly talk with animals? Kim: It’s rather new to me, but yes, it seems I do. Fox: You’ve an open heart. Work to keep it that way. Kim: *shaking her head, feeling a lesson coming on* I try. It’s difficult at times. Fox: Work to keep it that way. Peace will come when your heart is open and you are still. Kim: Goodness, the things I hear from you all, animals and bugs... Fox: We don’t experience all of the noise that you humans do. We’re all here for a reason. You know this already. Time and patience. Kim: Time and patience. I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. I know there is a time for everything, but the patience part of it, that’s a tough one for me. It’s hard to not know what is coming or if things will stay the same. Fox: I feel you are in the waiting time. Time and patience human. There is a plan. Now, I would like to continue my nap if you don’t mind. Kim: *feeling a bit embarrassed* Oh goodness, of course. Fox: Those other humans, have them cease their making of noise. Kim: *chuckling* They’re still asking what I think I am doing over here with you. I’ll leave you now. Thank you for talking with me. Oh! Do you have a name? Fox: Felix. Kim: *Standing and turning to walk back to the golf cart* It was a pleasure to meet you Felix. Enjoy your nap. Felix softly mumbles as he turns his head and curls his tail around his nose as Kim walks back to the golf cart to answer the “noise makers” questions of what she was doing talking to a fox of all things. As she climbs back in to the golf cart, she takes a look back at Felix and smiles. Thankful for yet another moment in time to appreciate one of God’s creations and reminds herself, time and patience, there is a plan.

The Wisdom of a Fox

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