Those Silly Squirrels

Sadie, Sedrick and Doloria

Looking out the kitchen window, Kim notices the squirrels at the bird feeder. Opening the window so that they can better hear her: Squirrel 1: *hanging onto the bird feeder* nyum, nyum, nyum Kim: Hey you guys. Save some for the birds! Squirrel 1: *still hanging onto bird feeder* nyum, nyum, nyum. Squirrel 2: *Leaping from a nearby tree and running* Wha? Wha?!! Oh my! Kim: *laughing* It's just me you silly squirrel. Squirrel 2: *Dodging back and forth, all in a twitter * Oh my! It's a voice! Who is it? What is it? Oh my! Dove: *replying in an annoyed and very proper voice* Oh for goodness sake. It's the human. Stop your fretting Sadie. Kim: Ahhh, so your name is Sadie? A bit skittish aren't you? Squirrel 1: *peeking around the bird feeder* That's Sadie and I'm Sedrick. *returns to eating bird food.* nyum, nyum, nyum. Kim: *laughing* Well hello Sedrick, your getting quite your fill of food I see. Dove: *shaking her head* He's a bit of a glutton. Kim: What's your name Ms. Dove? Dove: Doloria. Kim: Are you getting any food? Doloria: Oh yes. Sedrick flings food hither and yon. I get plenty. Sedrick: nyum, nyum, nyum. Sadie: Oh goodness! All this talking! All this talking! *and off she runs to a nearby tree to hide.* Doloria: Human? Kim: Yes Doloria. Doloria: Do keep the feeders full. These two seem to go through quite a bit. Kim: I will Doloria. Enjoy your meal. Try to keep those two in line. Sedrick: nyum, nyum, nyum. Doloria: *delicately snorts* Oh, that will be quite a task I tell you. Kim: *laughing, she shuts the window and continues to watch Sedrick fill his cheeks as Doloria calmly waits as more seeds are flung her way.*

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