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Too pooped to Pup

The new life of a Dexter.

Running and playing outside in the mud.

Running and playing in the house.

Eat supper.

Lady Mum sits on the couch and watches Dexter roam back and forth across the living room.

"What's up Dex? You seem a bit edgy."

Dexter stops to look at Lady Mum. "I wanna do something , but I don't know what."

"Well, get your ball. We can play with that."


Lady Mum looking around, "Go get your rope, we can play tug."


Lady Mum looking at Dexter's tired eyes and laughing, "Well, hop up here then."

Dexter continues to pace around the room.

Lady Mum sighs and pats the couch with her hand. "Dexter. Come here sweetie. Are you tired?"

"Neh" Dexter replies as he hops up on to the couch and tosses himself down. "I'm not tired Lady Mum."

Lady Mum watches as Dexter falls asleep within minutes and smiles.

"Oh, I see. Not tired at all, just too pooped to Pup. Silly young man. Schlaph gut hund."

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