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Darkness speaks

There are those who battle personal demons. Whatever they may be; addiction, loss, post traumatic stress. Everyone has something that they battle on occasion. Some battles may come more frequently than others.

The word darkness has been lurking around me lately. Popping in my head at seemingly random times.

Darkness can mean many things to many people. It may simply be a dark night sky, filled with stars glittering in the distance. It could be a room darkened by nightfall. Maybe it is a mood you are in. Dark thoughts, all negative energy. It may be a dream that comes to you in the middle of the night while the rest of the world sleeps.

Regardless of how it comes, it does speak. At times in a soft whisper that is soothing on our soul and at other times in a loud rush, crashing in and stealing your breath away.

Each person has a choice in how they face their personal demons or darkness when it comes to call.

In the early morning hours, you may jump out of bed, stand in the middle of your bedroom and face it head-on, or you may burrow deep under your blankets, praying for the morning.

And then there are those moments when you have had enough. Standing in a room isn't enough and you storm outside and march to the middle of your yard. Filled with righteous indignation, you face the shadows. Filled with righteous indignation, you dare them to come at you. The chill of the night begins to settle upon you as the mist and shadows begin their nightly dance.

Determined to fight this one out, standing tall, you face the darkness.

"Here I am. No turning away. I will win this battle. Bring it on darkness. You have no power. None. You want to know why? Because I am covered by the one who is so much more than you. I am covered by God. He's got my back and his angel armies surround me. I am covered."

Standing tall and strong, you watch as the mist rolls away and the shadows slide back to where they came from as the night sky begins to brighten. Soft color begins to touch upon the trees and dew drops glisten and sparkle. Turning, you watch as the sun rises and you smile.

Tree Nature Dark - free photo from Pixabay
Darkness speaks

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