Going Stir-Crazy?

Well, here I am. Isolating, social distancing, etc. just as everyone else is at this time in our world. I find myself rambling around the house looking for things to organize or clean.

I've decided to start writing in a journal, documenting what I am doing and feeling during this time. I've not been one to journal before, but interestingly enough I purchased several journals on clearance about six weeks ago, never having written in a journal before, I wasn't sure why I felt so compelled to buy some, yet buy them I did.

So here we are six weeks later and I have the urge to journal. I am into day 3 of this as I was able to work until 3/19/20. Each evening before I go to bed, I write a page of what I did during the day and what some of my thoughts are. I'll not go back and read them. I plan on continuing this practice and hopefully, months down the road, I can go back and read how I handled each day as it came, hopefully seeing growth through this crazy time.

Another thing I am doing more of is jumping into my bible. I am not one that can quote scripture and verse. I am one who hops in and takes little bits and those little bits seem to be just what I need to read at the time. I highlight and go back and re-read. Some days I will get a whole new meaning from reading the same verse I read a week ago. That is part of what I love about the Holy Spirit, how It can blow through as a soft whisper or a gale force wind at times, always with a lesson or word of love.