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Day 5 of the Moving Wall

And the Wall came down. Panel by panel, just as it was set up, The Moving Wall was disassembled and packed away to makes it journey to another destination. Five days. Five days that seemed to go by as if in a blur. Each day filled with such heavy emotion, friendship, family and caring. Emotions so heavy at times, you could feel them settle upon your shoulders. The people we met and shared conversations with. The people that we remembered. Laughter and tears. Day and night. All blends together into a beautiful portrait. A portrait of remembrance and honor, friendship and comrades, family and community. The ground that The Wall rested upon now a bit worn down, a visible reminder of what was just so recently there. The grass will grow back and the area will return to it's original state. But for five days, that ground became hallowed ground, sacred ground. The feelings and emotions now embedded within the Diamond. Snapshots of time shared will be remembered as people walk across that ground in the future. And for the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Post 52? Time stands still for just a moment as the last panel is placed within the box that will carry it onward. All of a sudden, the mission is complete, leaving an emptiness. Emotions so heavy for so many days. Little sleep. So many months of planning.

The Moving Wall heads out.

So many hours spent walking The Wall, talking with brother and sister veterans, honoring those on The Wall and the families within our community. Nights spent sitting in the quiet stillness as Taps is played each night at midnight. Now, watching as the truck carries The Wall away, a thought occurs to some. What now? What now indeed. Rest my brothers and sisters. Rest easy knowing that the mission was accomplished and well done. A community was touched and hearts were filled. Hugs were given and tears were shed. Younger generations were taught and older generations were honored. Heavy hearts were lifted and anxious souls comforted. Store within your hearts the blessings that were provided each day, for we were blessed. My goodness we were blessed. May God Bless America and may He provide a restful peace for those who may be feeling a bit lost and weary at this time. #themovingwall

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