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It's an Alligator!

"Otis. What is that you have there buddy?"

Otis comes to sit in front of Gram. "Hi Gram! It's an alligator!"

Gram takes a second to form a reply, and tries not to laugh, "An alligator? Are you sure about that Otis?"

Otis jumps up and trots around the coffee table with his scrap of fabric hanging out of his mouth and returns to stand in front of Gram. "Gram! It is an alligator, just look at it!"

"Otis, I have to be honest with you. It looks like a scrap of fabric to me."

Snorting and tossing the "alligator" on the ground and looking at Gram as if she is not too smart. "Gram. It. Is. An. Alligator."

"Okay, okay, I believe you Otis."

Coming to sit directly in front of Gram. "Gram, do you remember when Mum got me the alligator, and I played and fought with it, and then I tore it apart. I saved Mum from the alligator. There are many things I save my Mum from. How do you not know this?"

Gram puts her arms out to her side, throws her head back and says in an Irish accent "Oh fer goodness sake, the Alligator that yer Mum got you and that you saved her from! Of course Otis, how could I not have been knowing that? Yer silly Gram!"

Otis looks from his Mum to Gram and rolls his eyes. "Gram, are you tired or something? First you don't know that this is an alligator and now you are talking funny."

Grams laughs as Otis just sighs and walks away mumbling about humans talking funny and not being too smart.

It's an alligator Gram!

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