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A deep breath in the Realm

You are a handsome young man Dexter." "Lady Mum. I don't know what that means. But if it's good, do I get a treat?" Lady Mum laughs. "What's funny Lady Mum? Do I get a treat? Can I run in the woods? Can I chase that critter over there? Can I..." "No." "No?" "My answer is No." Dexter turns to give Lady Mum a look just as she takes a picture. "Are you gonna do that alot?" "Do What? Take pictures?" Sighing, "yeh. Take pictures." Grinning, Lady Mum takes another picture and says, "Probably. You'll get used to it." Dexter turns away and mumbles, "I don't wanna be handsome, I wanna be miss-cheezits." Lady Mum sits on the grass beside Dexter and says, "Oh Dex, you are both handsome and mischievous." Dexter turns to Lady Mum, licks her face and replies, " Okay. Now watch me run!" And he is off like a flash with ears flopping and a big grin on his face. Lady Mum sits and watches Dexter run with the scent of Spring flowers and fresh cut grass in the air. She takes a deep breath and in that moment, she feels incredibly blessed.

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