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Letter to Digger

Well my sweet guy. It has been one year and 7 months since we said goodbye.

Not sure why it hits me all at once in a rush at times. I sure do miss you.

I miss your sweet face and huge heart. I miss your wisdom as well. Dang. You, my silly Diggster, were one of the smartest dogs I've ever known. Intuitive, protective, filled with love and attitude and the best Keeper of the Watch.

Goodness, one year and 7 months. How does time go by so quickly?

I am sure you know that I've now got Dexter here in the Realm. He's a sweet soul filled with energy, attitude and silliness. He's 3 years old, so he still has a lot of pup in him yet.

I often wonder if you can see what goes on in the Realm now, if you aren't doing your derisive snort at some of the situations this silly Dexter gets himself and me into.

Ya know what buddy? I think you and Dexter would've gotten along very well in your younger years. What a pair you two would have made!

I find myself looking at pictures of our hundreds of walks we took over the years and I smile. Remembering all those times you encouraged me, nudged me just when I needed nudged and your patience. Goodness the things you patiently listened to me say on our walks.

Best though? Snuggle time. You had the time down perfect. Nothing got in the way when that hour rolled around. You made sure of that.

Dexter does the same. Different hour of the evening, but he does the same thing.

It's uncanny at times, the things he'll do as if you are somehow telling him "Hey...Mum needs this now."

Dexter calls me Lady Mum. That took some getting used to. I tell ya Dig, once this silly guy started talking, he didn't stop! He was silent for so long when I first brought him into the Realm and then one day, several months later, he started talking. Now he is constantly telling me what he wants and when he wants it. He gets me laughing, that is for sure.

Oh my big ole Diggster. I'm probably always going to miss you. But I have a feeling that you may be a wonderful greeter to all the fur babies that join you across that rainbow bridge, giving love and encouragement and guidance to those new souls arriving.

Maybe it's just my active imagination, or how I hope it is, but that is how I picture you and I'll keep on picturing you that way.

I miss ya and love ya Dig.

Keep watch over us. This Dexter keeps me on my toes but I believe he chose me for a reason and I wonder if you may have had a part in that, along with the help of God.

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