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I'm feeling pretty nuttin right now. 

Lady Mum: Hey Dex, whatcha doing bud?

Dex: Nuttin.

Lady Mum: Ya look half asleep sweet guy.

Dex: uhhnnn

Lady Mum: So, are you going to keep the chair in that position for a while?

With a sigh Dex says: Not me. It's the magical moving chair Lady Mum. You said so.

Lady Mum: Hmmm, true Dexter. Very true.

Dex: uh hmmm

Lady Mum chuckling: You falling asleep on me Dex?

Dexter, not moving, eyes half closed: I dunno. I'm not doing nuttin.

Lady Mum: What do you feel like doin

Dexter Mumbles: Nuttin.

Lady Mum watches as Dexter's eyes close: Hey Dex?

Dexter's head bobs down as he whispers: Nuttin Lady Mum. Not doin nuttin.

Lady Mum smiles as she watches Dexter's head slowly sink down onto the arm of the chair as he falls asleep. Relaxed, comfortable and loved, as all dogs should be.

Her Dexter, comfy in the chair he inherited from Digger, just laying around doing "nuttin".

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon in the Realm.

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