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Tootin Along 

Lady Mum: Dex, did you just Toot?

Dex: I dunno

Lady Mum: *laughing* Dex, ya did it again. You feel ok?

Dex: I don't know what Toot is Lady Mum. Come on! Let's go.

Lady Mum: You're farting Dex.

Dex: *snickering* Oh! Fart. Yeah.

Lady Mum: Dexter, you are such a boy.

Dex: Farts are funny. Hey! Do squirrels fart?

Lady Mum: They may.

Dex: What about bunnies?

Lady Mum: Probably.

Dex: What about the flyers, do they fart?

Lady Mum: *laughing* Dexter, I don't know, maybe.

Dex: What about the tiny flyer. The one you called "dead wasp?"

Lady Mum: Hmmm, I really don't know Dex.

Dex: Ya don't know a lot huh Lady Mum?

Lady Mum: *giving Dexter a look* Well Dex, I don't know what does and does not fart.

Dex: Ya need to learn a lot more then.

Lady Mum: Dexter, why are we still talking about farts?

Dex: *Turning to look at Lady Mum and giving a snort* You started it.

And Dexter continues on his way as Lady Mum laughs and says, "Well, he is correct in that."

Another start to a day in the Realm.

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