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An early Thanksgiving start

"You look comfy Dex. Pooped out?" Struggling to keep his eyes open, "I was a good boy. I already pooped Lady Mum".

Laughing, "You did and are a good boy. So Dex, here's the plan. I'm not setting the alarm. We do not have to get up early." Eyes closed and mumbling, "mmkay."

"So, we can sleep in a bit ok?"


Lady Mum crawls in bed and says one more time, "We do NOT need to be up early Dex."

Dexter opens one eye and grumbles, "I got it Lady Mum." and promptly falls asleep. Lady Mum on the other hand, lays there for quite some time waiting for sleep to come as she listens to Dexter talk in his dreams.

4:11 am: "Lady Mum! You awake? Let's go outside! Lady Mum!! Hey! You hear me? You wanna go outside? We can run! Ya wanna run? Ya wanna chase leaves? Lady Mum!! Lady Mum!!"

Lady Mum looks at the clock. "Dexter...mein's earlier than a work day. What happened to sleeping in?" "I did! I sleep in there! You sleep in there too!"

"Wha?? Dex, what are you...oh never mind." Groaning and getting out of bed, Lady Mum shuffles downstairs to the kitchen to make coffee.

Meanwhile, Dexter sits by the back door keeping up a running commentary of how exciting it is to run fast through the yard when it's dark, chase leaves, bounce/jump and look for the "good sticks."

Another start to a day in the Realm.

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