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Boo Bear chats with Aunt Kim

Boo Bear chats with Aunt Kim

On a recent visit to some dear friends, I, the honorary "Aunt Kim", had the opportunity to also visit with this little guy "Bear" a/k/a "Boo Bear" a very active Sheltie Puppy. Upon entering the house, Boo Bear, in his typical fashion, turns himself inside out in excitement of another human entering his dwelling. Boo Bear: *Jumping and running in circles* Aunt Kim! Aunt Kim! Oh my gosh! Look who it is! It's Aunt Kim!! Kim: Well hello there ya little monkey. Look at you! Boo Bear: *continuing to jump and run in circles with excitement* Aunt Kim! Aunt Kim! Play! Play! Run with me! Look at my toys! Play! Run! Here...look at this one! It's a bear! Kim: *getting down on the floor with Boo Bear as he continues to run, jump and bring toys* That's a nice bear you've got there! Are we going to settle just a bit? Boo Bear: I don't think so....look! Let's run! Let's play! Look how I can jump! *as Boo Bears jumps all over "Aunt Kim".* Kim: *groaning* Ok Boo Bear, let's run. *Kim proceeds to run in circles through the house with Boo Bear running right along side her. Through the living room around the coffee table, into the dining room, around the table, back through the living room. They run 5 or 6 laps and then Aunt Kim stops* Ok Boo Bear, break time, this running in circles is making me a bit dizzy ya little monkey. Boo Bear: *Sits in front of Aunt Kim looking up at her expectantly* Aunt Kim! Wanna play some more? Run? Here! Look at my toys! I have a Bear and a Dinosaur and a Raccoon and a treat thingy! Look! Look! Wanna run again? Kim: *looking down at Boo Bear and laughing* Bear, I think I'm done for a bit. Time to settle. Boo Bear: Settle? Settle? What's that mean? Wanna run? Wanna play? Wait....I'm thirsty! *off he runs to drink some water and immediately returns* Are you thirsty Aunt Kim? Wanna play? Come on! Let's run again!! Look! Here's my Dinosaur! Kim: That's a nice Dinosaur little guy. *So Aunt Kim sits and plays tug of war with Boo Bear while trying her best to carry on a conversation with his parents as he growls with determination while tugging at his Dinosaur. Nothing like a puppy to take you out of your own personal bubble for a while 😃❤️

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