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But ya wanted to see it!

Another very early morning walk in the dark. Lady Mum and Dexter are walking around the field when Dexter stops to sniff and scratch at something. Not able to see much in the dark, Lady Mum stops and says, "Dex, what have you got there?"

With the distinct sound of something clunking in Dexter's mouth, Lady Mum says again, "DEX, What. Do. You. Have?"

Mumbling around whatever is in his mouth, Dexter replies, "nffering mrmm."

"Dexter. Du kommst hier."

Dexter comes walking slowly to Lady Mum. It's so dark she still can not see what he has in his mouth. She puts her hand out and sternly says, "Aus!"

Dexter leans forward and drops what he has in Lady Mum's hand.

"Oh! What the?" Feeling something thin, warm and fur covered, she gives a little yelp and says, "Ugh!! Dex! What is it?" and tosses it to the ground.

Dexter sighs and says, "I dunno Lady Mum. Ya gotta taste it!"

Lady Mum, "No tasting Dex. Come on. We'll see what it is when it gets light out. Leave it be now. Gosh, I had it in my hand..."

A couple of hours later, the two are back out in the field when Dexter runs ahead to a spot in the field, sniffs and sits. Lady Mum walks up, looks down and says, "Ah, so that's what you so nicely gave me...the leg of a fox. Ummm, thank you for listening earlier and for showing me your find. Well done Dex."

"Can I keep it?"

"No Dexter. You can not keep it."

Dexter looks up to Lady Mum and whines, "But Lady Mum!"

"No Dex. Let's go. We're leaving it."

Back in the house, Dexter and Lady Mum are on the couch when Dexter turns towards Lady Mum and laughs.

"What is so funny Dex?"

"You! When I gave you my find! The noise you made!"

Lady Mum tries to keep a straight face, "Dexter..."

Dexter continues to look at Lady Mum and laugh.

Lady Mum turns her head away grinning and says, "It was kinda funny wasn't it?"

Turning back towards Dexter, she sees he has laid his head down and his eyes are closed, asleep within seconds.

Sighing, Lady Mum pets Dexter and whispers, "And so the adventures begin."

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