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Cousin Otis comes to visit

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Mum and Dexter are in the back yard waiting on Sissy and Cousin Otis to arrive for a meet and greet.

A car pulls into the driveway and Dexter immediately stands at attention. "Lady Mum! Who is that? Who is it?"

"That is Sissy and Otis. They are coming to meet you so we need to be on good behavior ok?"

Otis and Sissy come in to the back yard with Otis saying in a somewhat confused voice "Mum! Who is that? Gram!! Who IS that? What is he doing here? Who is he? Where did he come from?"

Sissy and Mum both start talking at once, trying to introduce these two guys as Otis and Dexter circle each other, doing what dogs do and sniffing from one end to the other. Things become a bit confusing and hectic as leashes get tangled, Dexter begins jumping on Otis and Otis wants nothing to do with it. Both Mums are working to get the leashes untangled as Otis and Dexter continue to circle and jump, not helping matters at all.

Finally, both dogs are untangled and the Mums just stand there, somewhat exhausted, and decide to continue this meet and greet in the house, without leashes involved, where the chaos continues.

The decision is made to get a couple of treats out. As soon as the word treat is spoken, there are two very well behaved dogs sitting patiently at Sissy's feet.

And so the first meeting of family dog members has taken place, leaving behind an exhausted Dexter passed out in the middle of the kitchen floor and one "Lady Mum" leaning against the counter drinking coffee thinking out loud, "my goodness, that was interesting, funny, frustrating and exhausting. We've got a bit of work do to Dexter Tex-Mexter."

Otis and Dexter

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