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Do you like this ball?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Dexter hears a knock on the door and trots up to Lady Mum and says, "Is that knocking? Should I bark? Should I run upstairs?"

Laughing, "Dexter, it's just Gramma and Aunt Nicki coming to meet you."

Dexter puts himself beside Lady Mum and hesitantly follows her to the door.

"What's a Gramma and Aunt Nicki?"

Opening the door, "You'll see Dex. Here they are!"

Dexter gets busy sniffing and meeting his new Gramma and Aunt Nicki then runs to get his toys.

Gramma and Aunt Nicki sit down as Dexter comes running in with his ball talking non-stop.

"grmm, yuuuu seee mmmm blll? looooo....its mrrr bllll!"

Gramma starts laughing as Aunt Nicki says "What in the world is he saying?"

Lady Mum sighs and laughs, "Well, he is saying look at my ball Gramma, can you see my ball?"

Gramma just keeps laughing as Dexter continues to explain that he has this great ball and Gramma should play with him.

Lady Mum interrupts, "Dexter. Get down now. You're know you are not allowed to jump on people."

Dexter tosses his ball to the floor, sits down and says, "But Lady Mum! If this is a Gramma, I think she needs to see my ball, and my bone and my stick and..."

"She sees them Dexter. I am positive that she is suitably impressed."

Dexter looks around and asks, "What's a "suitably"? Is it another toy? I can get another toy!"

We all watch as Dexter races off to find another toy to show his new Gramma.

Another meet and greet successfully done. So far, the consensus is that Dexter is a "Keeper".

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