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Does this make me look Mighty?

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

"Gram! Gram! Does this blanket thing make me look mighty?"

"Well look at you Otis! Got yourself a new coat huh?"

Sniffing and nudging at the "blanket thing"Otis replies "Well, Mom got it for me. Said it will keep me warm."

"It will certainly help on those cold days Oats. You look quite dapper in it." Running around in a circle and yelling "DAPPER! DAPPER! Wait! What does dapper mean Gram?"

"Well, it means you look quite nice Otis."

Groaning with a dramatic toss of his head, "Gram! I don't want to be dapper! I want to be Mighty!"

"Hmmm. Ok. So, how can you be Mighty?"

"Uncle Digger taught me when I was little! He did! I listened! Kinda!"

Laughing, "Ok Otis, settle. What did Uncle Digger teach you?"

"He said to always listen."

"Do you?"

"No, not really."

Laughing, Gram asks "What else did he teach you?"

"To protect my Mom. I do! I do! You wouldn't believe the things I protect her from! Well, except for when there was a REALLY big dog getting on our porch! I hid away. Quiet like. He was HUGE!"

"Do you mean when the bear got on the porch?"

"Yea! The bear! I hid away, real quiet like. But...I use my big boy voice to let Mom know when a human-person is here! That's Mighty!"

"Oh, it is Otis. It is. Good job! You still have a ways to go yet to be Mighty, but you're getting there Otis."

"How far is "a ways to go" Gram? Does this blanket thing make me look fat?"

Gram laughs out loud and says "No Otis. It does not make you look fat."

"Want to play? Do I get a treat?"

Groaning, Gram reaches for the treats as Otis jumps around in excitement yelling "I'm dapper and I get a treat!"

Oats-ma-goats and his new coat

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