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Goober and Monkey-Butt.

Otis and Dexter are having a conversation between rowdy romps through the yard when the topic of names comes up.

"So," Otis says while looking at Dexter, "Are you gonna live here always now?"

Otis looks up to Dexter, "That's what Lady Mum says. This is home now. She calls me Dexter."

"Did you have another name?"

"Yep. But I don't remember what it was. So I'm Dexter now. Sometimes Lady Mum calls me Luv Bug or Monkey Butt."

Otis sighs, "My Mum calls me Oatsmagoats and Goober."

Dexter looks toward Lady Mum and Sissy, "How come they call us different names? It's kinda confusing sometimes."

Shaking his head, Otis says, "I dunno. I think it's a human thing."

"Yeh. Lady Mum goes by Queen of the Realm sometimes."

Sniffing the grass, Dexter says, "My Mum goes by Princess. They're weird sometimes."

"Yeh. But we get treats."

Otis perks up, "We do! I love treats!"

Dexter jumps up and whispers, "Wanna run and growl like we're scarey?"

Otis turns to run and says, "I'm bigger, bet I can be scarier!"

Both boys run off through the yard growling and pretending to be scarey while calling out to eachother, "You're a Monkey-Butt!" "Yer a Goober!"

Lady Mum's sees the two take off again and says, "Wonder what they were talking about?"

Sissy looks over and says, "With those little goobers, who knows?"

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