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But Lady Mum! It's a good Stink!

Lady Mum and Dexter are out in the field for their evening walk. Dexter is happily running around sniffing while Lady Mum follows along behind enjoying the spring air and bird song.

Dexter suddenly stops and starts digging around and shoving his nose in something. Lady Mum notices his behavior and realizes Dexter is on the verge of gobbling whatever gross stuff he has just discovered.

"NEIN! Do not eat that!"

Dexter turns to Lady Mum and says "okay" and throws himself on top of whatever dead critter he has found and proceeds to roll in it. Legs kicking in the air a huge smile on his face.

Lady Mum reaches Dexter, all the while saying "Nein. Dexter! Nein!"

Dexter jumps up and shakes as bits of critter carcass and slime fly around and says "I didn't eat it Lady Mum! I'm a Good Boy!"

Lady Mum gags and groans "You are a good boy."

Upon hearing he's a good boy, Dexter runs in a circle saying "I'm a good boy! I'm a Good Boy!" and throws himself back on to the dead critter and rolls in it again while Lady Mum tries to grab on to his harness to pull him off.

"Dexter! God bless America!"

Finished with his rolling, Dexter sits very nicely at Lady Mum's side, looks up and asks "Why ya making that noise?"

Lady Mum, trying to face the breeze replies, "Oh my goodness, I'm gagging Dexter. You stink and you are covered in rotten critter slime!"

Jumping to his feet he says, "Oh. Okay. So, we gonna go get our supper now?"

Lady Mum pulls her jacket in front of her nose and says, "You young man, are going to get a good scrubbing before anything!"

"What's scrubbing mean? Is it a new treat? Come on! Let's run!"

Off Dexter goes with Lady Mum trailing behind, occasionally gagging and filled with dread, knowing she has to clean the critter crud off of Dexter.

And the adventures continue within the Realm.

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