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I'm a good boy Gram

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Gram takes one look at Otis and immediately asks "Otis? Have you been a good boy?"

Otis continues to lay on the couch staring at Gram. "Yep. I'm a good boy Gram."

"Hmmm, ya sure about that? You look a bit guilty."

With a sigh Otis replies "Gram, I'm a good boy. Are you gonna give me a treat?"

Laughing, Gram looks around "Well, nothing seems to be chewed up, tore apart or knocked over. You must be a good boy."

Looking right in Gram's eyes, not moving, Otis softly says "Well, I might have ate toilet paper, but only maybe. I might not have listened to Mum, but only maybe. I'm still a good boy."

Grams looks at this sweet grand-dog of hers and says "Of course your a good boy Otis. Ya toilet paper eating, toy destroying silly guy."

"Do I get a treat?"

Laughing Gram asks "Do you deserve one Oats?"

"Oh yes Gram! I do! Maybe right now even."

"Hmmm, should we ask your Mum?"

"No! I'm sure she would say yes. I'm sure of it." Walking into the kitchen Gram says "Well, if you're sure..." Otis jumps from the couch, trots over to Gram and sits straight and tall. "Oh, I'm sure Gram! I'm a good boy!"

Smiling Gram leans over to give Otis a treat, "You are a good boy Otis. Love ya, ya big galoot."

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