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Make it bounce!

It's a Saturday morning in the Realm. It begins with a 5:45am wake-up by Dexter. Lady Mum gets her coffee while Dexter waits patiently by the door.

As they head out for a nice long walk, Dexter starts jabbering on about the smells and what he thinks they may be while Lady Mum works to keep up and drink her coffee.

After a half hour they head back to the house. All the while, Dexter continues to chatter about all he has sniffed and tried to roll in as Lady Mum follows behind.

Back in the house Dexter sits at Lady Mum's feet.

"You're not talking much Lady Mum. Maybe you shoulda rolled around outside."

Lady Mum stands, looking at Dexter.

"Maybe you need to throw my ball around. That will be fun! Come on! We can run! Look! It's my favorite ball! Make it bounce"

Lady Mum replies, "Dex...I need to drink my coffee."

With a toss of his head, Dexter says, "How come? What's coffee? Can I have some? How come you need it? Do I get a treat? What's ..."

Sighing, Lady Mum says, "No, you can not have any. No, you do not get a treat. Coffee is magical. It's a magical drink for Mums."

"What's a Magical? Let's play with my ball!"

Dexter picks up his ball and runs into Lady Mum's legs just as she is taking a sip of coffee. With a clunk of the coffee cup against her teeth, Lady Mum says, "Dexter! Settle now. We'll play in a bit."

Dexter picks up his ball and turns his face up to Lady Mum and whispers, "Make it bounce??"

Groaning, Lady Mum puts her coffee down, snags the ball from Dexter and runs through the house, making the darn ball bounce as Dexter chases behind yelling "Bounce! Bounce! Yay!!!"

Another days begins in the Realm.

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