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Otis gets jealous

Otis giving Gram "the look"

Sissy at her own home with her dog Otis, Kim's grand-Dog. Otis: Mum! Was that Gram talking? Sissy: Yep. She's in this video. Otis: *jumping on the couch and onto Sissy's lap* What? What's a video? Where's Gram? Sissy: Ummm, Oats. Gram was playing with and talking to Bear. Otis: *whining* Who's Bear? Where's Gram?? Where is she?!! *jumps off the couch, runs around, jumps back on the couch.* Sissy: Gram is in this video. Here, look. Right here. Otis: I don't see her! *Yelling* Gram! Gram! Wait!! *looking closer at the video* Who is THAT? Sissy: That's Bear. Another dog. That's who gram is talking to. Otis: *nudges the phone with the offending video away from him and looks away with a very disgruntled and somewhat annoyed look. Sissy: Whoops! Well Gram. Ya did it now. Otis is jealous! #Labrador #Blacklabs #lovedogs

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