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Squirrels? Bet I could get 'em.

A grey morning finds Lady Mum and Dexter sitting on the deck. Lady Mum with coffee in hand and Dexter practicing The Watch.

"Whatcha see Dex?"

Staring intently and not moving a muscle, Dexter mumbles, "Those two over there. They're eating the little things from the hangy things."

Lady Mum turns to look, "ah...the squirrels. Little chubby butts are eating all the bird food again."

"That's what the are? Sqirrels? I bet I could get 'em."

"We'll leave them be for now. No chasing."

Still not moving, Dexter whispers, "Lady Mum, I could get 'em.."

"I am sure you could give them a good chase, but we'll leave them be for now."

Dexter lays down with a sigh, not taking his eyes off of the squirrels and mumbles, "Sometime I'll get 'em..I'm a good runner. I'm fast and..."

Lady Mum watches as Dexter's eyes begin to close while he continues to mumble about being fast and she smiles.

She whispers, "Schlaph yetz Dex. There are other days to give chase. For now, dream your dreams of running fast."

Dexter sighs in his sleep as his front feet begin to twitch, no doubt already on the run, chasing critters.

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