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Ten Days

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

We are 10 days into this new adventure of Dexter and Lady Mum. Starting off with some timidness on Dexter's part. Slowly but surely we are getting used to each other and establishing a routine.

With all of that, Dexter's personality is beginning to come out and he's beginning to talk more.

"Well Dexter, what do you think?"

Laying in his chair, Dexter turns to Lady Mum, "I like it here."

With a sigh of relief Lady Mum replies, "I am so glad to hear that Dex."

"Lady Mum? What does "different looking" mean?"

"Where did that question come from Dexter?"

"I heard other humans say that I was too different looking."

Sitting on the floor in front of Dexter.

"Oh sweet guy, You are exactly what you are meant to be and I personally think you are very handsome."

Looking at Lady Mum, Dexter softly says, "But what does "different" mean?"

"It means you are not like everyone else, and that is as it should be. I am not like everyone else either. That is part of what will make us a great team."

With a sigh Dexter says, "A team."

Leaning in to give Dexter a hug, "Yep."

Laying his head down, eyes beginning to close, "That's a good thing yea?"

Smiling and petting Dexter, "Oh sweet guy, it's a very good thing. Many adventures in store for us. Sleep now. Ill be here."

Lady Mum watches as Dexter falls asleep and thanks God for putting the perfect "different" dog on her path.

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