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THAT'S what neuter means?

Lady Mum has been down with the Crud for 4 days and Dexter was neutered 5 days ago.

Needless to say, things have been a bit quiet in the Realm except for Dexter continually asking why he is sore and itchy and wanting to know what the word neuter means.

Lady Mum felt a bit better and was finally able to get up and take Dexter for a walk in the field.

"Yay! We're going for a walk! Let's run Lady Mum!"

"Dexter, we can't run or play hard yet. You have to be careful."

Dexter is pulling on his line and yelling, "Run! Let's run!"

"Dexter! Nein! You have to be careful."

Stopping to look at Lady Mum, "cuz you don't feel good?"

Sighing, Lady Mum , "Dex, I don't feel well, but you were neutered not long ago. We have to take it easy."

"I don't know what neutered means Lady Mum! Just tell me!"

With a groan, Lady Mum gets on the ground to sit beside Dexter and explains what neutered means - "and that's why we have to take it easy for a few more days, okay Dex?"

Dexter gives Lady Mum the stink eye and says, "So THAT'S what neuter means?"

"Yes Dexter, it..."

Ignoring Lady Mum, Dexter gets up and heads back toward the house.

It was a very quiet walk back.

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